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Rudrakshabeads.co.in has been created to provide world the best quality Rudraksha Beads and unveil the mystries and powers of Rudraksha Beads. Do you have queries in you mind about rudraksha beads and you wish to buy original , high energy rudraksha beads , then you are at right place.

Q - What is Rudraksha?
Q - What is the Importance of Rudraksha Beads?
Q - How to wear Rudraksha Beads?
Q - What is Kantha Malas?
Q - Where are Rudraksha Harvested?
Q - How many types of Rudraksha available?
Q - What are collector beads?
Q - How are Rudraksha beads energized?
Q - Can women wear Rudraksha?
Q - Which rudraksha would suit you?
Q - Do rudraksha have negative effects?
Q - How to check the energies of rudraksha beads?
Q - How to identify fake beads?
Q - How to take care of Rudraksha beads?
Q - What are the precautions need to be taken while wearing rudraksha beads?
Q - What are rudraksh water beads?
Q - What is the diff between Nepal Rudrakshabeads and Indonesian Rudrakshabeads?
Q - What are the payment options available for buying rudrakshabeads?
Q - What is the gaurantee of genuiness of rudraksha beads?

We would provide you the answers and clear your doubts. just mail us at help@rudrakshabeads.co.in and we ll get back to you with answer to your query. We would not only guide you on which rudraksha you should wear but also provide you authentic rudraksha beads at reasonable and affordable price. We deliver all over world by courier and speed post. Rudraksha beads offer different payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card , Cheque, Western Union and online bank transfer.

Rudrakshabeads offers original and authentic Nepal rudraksha, Indonesian Rudraksha from small sized beads to collector size beads. We offer all rudraksha beads , rudraksha pendants in gold and silver, rudraksha malas, rudraksha kantha and rudraksha bracelets.

Our Products
Nepal Rudraksha beads
Indonesian Rudraksha
Rudraksha Pendants
Rudraksha Malas
Rudraksha Kanthas
Rudraksha Bracelets
Rudraksha Recom.
1 mukhi Rudraksha
2 mukhi Rudraksha
3 Mukhi Rudraksha
4 mukhi Rudraksha
5 mukhi Rudraksha
6 mukhi Rudraksha
7 mukhi Rudraksha
8 mukhi Rudraksha
9 mukhi Rudraksha
10 mukhi Rudraksha
11 mukhi Rudraksha
12 mukhi Rudraksha
13 mukhi Rudraksha
14 mukhi Rudraksha
15 mukhi Rudraksha
16 mukhi Rudraksha
17 mukhi Rudraksha
18 mukhi Rudraksha
19 mukhi Rudraksha
20 mukhi Rudraksha
21 mukhi Rudraksha
Gauri Shanker Rudraksha
Rudraksha Beads Gallery
Variety of Loose Rudraksha beads of Nepal origin and Java Origin from One mukhi rudraksha to 21 mukhi rudraksha beads. Selected and quality rudraksh beads , which can be strung in red thread , silver or Gold. You can buy the best beads , energised in your name to give you maximum benefit. Come and explore the world of High energy rudraksha beads.
For Rudraksha Beads Pendants Gallery
Rudraksha Pendants made in Silver and Gold designed for you to suit you. We have rudraksha pendnats made as per your need and can be made as per your requirement. Mail us and we would get it made for you, as per your design.
For Rudraksha Beads Rosaries Gallery
Rudraksha Rosaries or Malas in five mukhi rudraksha, Single bead in small five mukhi rudraksha rosaries, Combination of rudraksha beads in mala form, We provide all malas and rosaries with same mukhi rudraksha beads as well as its combination with rudraksha beads and gems.
For Rudraksha Beads Kanthas Gallery
Some of Rare rudraksha beads Kantha like Gauri Shanker Kantha in Nepal Rudraksha or Indonesian Rudraksha. Sidh Kanthas of selected five mukhi rudraksha, six mukhi rudraksha or seven muki rudraksha. For any requirements just mail us and we would be happy to serve you.
For Rudraksha Bracelets Gallery
Rudraksha Bracelets from 2 Mukhi rudraksha beads to 14 mukhi rudraksha beads in combination with small 5 mukhi rudraksha to increases the strength of character and mind and help achieve happiness, fame, good health and increase confidence.

Exclusive Products
Crystal Idols & Pendants
Crystal Pendants, Malas and custom made crystal idols.
Gemstone Pendants
Birthstones in Gold and Silver Pendants
Lucky Charms
Energized lucky charms to change your life for betterment
Parad Shivling &idols
Energized Parad shivling, shree yantra and Parad idols
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